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  • 07. 05. 2013

    Sumer 2013 in AirExplore

    After successful conclusion of our project with Tonle Sap Airlines in Cambodia, our Boeing 737-300 was registered back in Slovakia under registration mark OM-BEX. Together with OM-AEX and OM-DEX, it will serve during summer 2013 for Dutch airline Arkefly based in Amsterdam and Cork. Fourth airplane of our company OM-CEX is based in Roma and operates under the call signs of Blue Panorama on their domestic regular network and holiday charter destinations.
  • 11. 02. 2013

    The fourth Airplane in the fleet of AirExplore

    AirExplore has added to its fleet another Boeing 737-400. It is so far the youngest airplane that AirExplore operates. It has done its first flight in 1997 by Air Berlin. It has been registered 31st of January 2013 under AirExplore’s AOC as OM-DEX. The airplane will be painted to AirExplore’s colors on the end of February 2013. This airplane will fly the European skies during the summer season 2013. We wish it many successful take offs and landings.
  • 27. 07. 2012

    Summer with AirExplore

    n summer 2012, the fleet will fly with the AirExplore crew wearing the colors of the prestigious Italian Alitalia and the British charter company Monarch Airlines. For a period of three months (30 June – 30 September 2012), the OM-CEX, along with the AirExplore crew, will be based at one of the airports in Italy’s capital city...
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  • 24. 05. 2012

    Company AirExplore brought silver to the value of gold

    On 05/21/2012 aircraft in the colors of AirExplore landing with hockey players and a realization team at the airport M.R. Štefánika.
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  • 03. 05. 2012

    Third aircraft of AirExplore

    AirExplore company has extended its fleet since 19th of April 2012 with another Boeing 737 – 400 with 168 economy seats. The aircraft had been in service for Czech Airlines since 2004 . It took off from the Prague airport under the command of cpt. Larisch and landed at M.R.Štefánika airport at 8pm already in AirExplore decals. The Boeing 737 – 400 with an A/C registration OM –CEX will be flying on European routes of AirExplore.
  • 05. 02. 2012

    Own maintenance of AirExplore aircrafts

    At the beginning of February 2012, AirExplore was granted the CERTIFICATE OF PERMISSION OF THE ORGANISATION EXECUTING MAINTENANCE PURSUANT TO PART 145. This activity was provided by Blue Air in the past. This permission shall allow for self-sufficiency of the company within maintenance of its aircrafts.
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  • 07. 01. 2012

    AirExlore flies for Cambodians

    B737-300 of AirExplore adopted the colours of the Cambodian airline company - Tonlesap Airlines at the Letisko M. R. Štefánika – Airport Bratislava. The Slovak company signed the contract for fifteen months and the aircraft flew to its new base in the South-East Asia, the Siem Reap airport, where it shall perform charter flights to China and other destinations, especially South-East and West Asia.
  • 09. 06. 2011

    Second aircraft of AirExplore

    The second aircraft, Boeing 737-300, landed at the Letisko M. R. Štefánika – Airport Bratislava in the colours of AirExplore. It arrived from the Irish airport in the city of Shannon where it was taken over from the leasing company and it was concurrently repeatedly registered to the Slovak registration mark (OM-BEX).
  • 01. 02. 2011

    AirExplore aircraft in Iraq

    In the course of recent days, AirExplore has implemented several flights between several airports in Sweden and Iraqi airports, Sulaimaniyah International Airport (ORSU) and Erbil International Airport (ORER). The flights were carried out under the ACMI Contract.
  • 13. 06. 2010

    Transport conditions

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  • 29. 05. 2010

    New airline company on the Slovak sky

    The Civil Aviation Authority of the Slovak Republic decided on granting the AOC - Air Operator's Certificate for AirExplore. Acquiring the Air Operator's Certificate is one of the prerequisites for issuance of the license authorizing the airline company to be active in the commercial air transport.
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  • 28. 05. 2010

    First aircraft of AirExplore

    The first aircraft of AirExplore, Boeing 737-400 (MSN 25178), arrived to the Letisko M. R. Štefánika – Airport Bratislava (LZIB). The aircraft was piloted by the crew consisting of Mr Vladimír Klein and Mr Vladimír Nikolič during the flight from German Saarbrücken (EDDR). The aircraft capacity amounts to 170 seats in the tourist class and AirExplore leased it from the German company, EHEIM Flugzeug GmbH & Co.KG Vermietung.
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  • 11. 05. 2010

    New Slovak airlines will transport Italians

    New Slovak airline company, AirExplore, should shortly after 20th May bring its first aircraft – Boeing 737-400 for 170 passengers. The airline company was established based on the travel agency SlovExplore, operating on the market from autumn 2008. The owners, managers and employees are former employees of Seagle Air and Air Slovakia and other employees of the Slovak aircraft industry.
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  • 18. 03. 2010

    New partners

    Due to equity and staff support, four new partners joined AirExplore. The entry of new partners caused also increase of the company share capital.

We fly on Boeing 737-300/400

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